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05 August 2008 @ 05:18 pm
Breaking Dawn: What did you think?  
Anyone else finished?

I wont go into specifics here, suffice to say i have mxed felings. Most of the review conversations seem to have petered out, so my review is here if you want to come and share your thoughts.

thousandandone on August 5th, 2008 10:08 pm (UTC)
Not finished yet. But it's the FIRST time I can't be bothered to read on in a Twilight book. Seriously. I'm a fast reader (to put it in perspective, I read HP7 straight from 12:30am until I finished it at 5am). I bought Twilight & New Moon (on a rec) on the same day and finished them within eight hours. I read Eclipse two days later, finished it within a few hours.

Breaking Dawn? MEH. I read the first book (Bella's) online as fast as I could; then I read the Jacob's book pretty damn quickly. And now I'm at about chapter 25 in Book 3 and seriously, I can't be bothered to read any more tonight. The other Twilight books I stayed up reading until three in the morning. This time... IDK, maybe it's knowing what happens at the end. But still!

Will provide a review when I finally finish. Yours seems accurate so far!
Dianadiana_molloy on August 5th, 2008 11:52 pm (UTC)
I am up to part way of Jakes book, he and Seth have gone off. Urgh so not happy. With everything she could have done this? THIS??!! Plus I know the Jake neding by accident and urgh. Sheesh bad fanfic ftl!
xtabula_rasax: credit:runfrommylionsxtabula_rasax on August 8th, 2008 09:55 am (UTC)

Sorry, I felt the need to shout that. Anyway, I read your review and I think I mostly agree, except for the stuff about the unoriginality of the plot. I don't read fanfic so I think maybe I approached the book with more of an open mind than a lot of other fans maybe? I dunno, I guess there's only so many ways the story can go really.

Srs bsns spoilers:

So yeah, I loved the whole wedding thing, I'm a real romantic at heart and so I loved that it was like the dream wedding. Annoyed once again that we didn't get to 'join' them on their wedding night but I'm actually quite surprised that Smeyer had the balls to make Bella a total nympho.

The pregnancy thing pissed me off at first, cos I am so anti-baby and I was just thinking that if I was them I would want many many years (probably forever) of just being newlyweds with no baby coming along to mess things up. Bella's was annoying as a pregnant woman, just cos I get she had a bond with the baby, but she didn't seem to give a shit how Edward and Jacob felt about it. Still hate Rosalie.

The Jacob imprinting on Nessie (I refuse to call her Renesmee which is the stupidest name ever invented) thing was perfect, it made so much more sense than I imagined it would and the bond that developed between Jake and Edward was really sweet.

I really liked Bella's transition into vampire-dom. I think Smeyer had done a lot of good prep work for this with the other books, making Bella a very controlled person throughout made it make sense that she was able to control herself as a vampire. And I loved the fact that she'd finally found something she was good at, that she was MEANT to be. It just made sense. And the 'battle' at the end was cool too, although I kind of wanted it to all kick off properly.

Overall I really enjoyed it a lot, I was surprised at how messed up and dark Smeyer could be. The bit that really stayed with me was when Bella was giving birth and they stripped all her clothes off and Jacob still couldn't stop a part of himself from reacting to the fact that she was naked...fucked up lol.

Anyway yeah, I'm a happy customer, and although I find it odd that so many people hated it so much, I think they're more just enjoying being pissed off.